Friday, December 23, 2011

Whole Foods

Sometime between midnight and 5 this morning we lost the glass bottles in our recycling bin and gained a grocery cart from Whole Foods. Erin thought the person who left it thought it would get lost in the pile of cardboard and paper we had out by the street. I thought we won an award for making really neat, compact piles.

I called Whole Foods and thanked them for the complimentary grocery cart. I asked if all new residents get one. They were amused. Sal and I tossed the cart into the Subaru and drove it to the store, about 25 blocks from here.

I'm guessing the nice gentleman who left the cart and took our bottles returned the glass at Safeway for the deposit. I'd rather he do that than sit at an intersection with a cardboard sign. Come to think of it though, there may have been cardboard missing from our pile....

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  1. It is really common to have folks search through recycling for deposits. When I lived in Michigan, it was a ten cent deposit, and we always had folks in our bins. I took to just leaving deposit stuff outside the bin if I didn't have time to return it; minimized any rummaging noise. Also a gesture of goodwill, in my eyes.