Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh what fun it is to ride...

Our Christmas Day was pretty low key. We started with a brilliant red sunrise and a family breakfast. Megan and AJ have been spending most of the holiday with AJ's family in Longview (we got most of their time for Thanksgiving) but were here for the morning. We had buttermilk waffles, maple sausage from New Seasons, and eggs. It was the first time for us to really use our stove, which did fine.

As AJ and Megan packed up, Sal, Erin and I put on our riding gear. We decided not to let a bit of rain and the threat of more deter us from a bike ride. We wanted to experience Sally's commute route once. Besides, I wanted to push my odometer past 1,000 for the year, and needed 9 miles to do it. We had a perfectly lovely ride down to the Lloyd Center where Sal's office is located. We rode most of the way along Klickitat, a "Neighborhood Greenway" set up for bike commuting. It is a residential street that has the stop signs turned in its favor. It also has gentle speed bumps to discourage auto traffic. Quite nice. It rained a bit a couple of times, but not very hard. All and all it was a very nice ride, and a bit of a Christmas gift to have the opportunity.

We unpacked a few boxes later in the afternoon, and then cooked our second meal in. Two in one day! We had salmon with a garlic/orange/Riesling/balsamic sauce I conjured, risotto, broccoli, and a sweet potato salad recipe Sally got from her sister, Mary Jo's food blog.

We finished the day with Masterpiece Theater, some Christmas pudding and a nip of Scotch. Merry Christmas indeed!

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