Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Off Leash

I confess to having made a number of derogatory cracks about our "Zip House" in Vancouver. In truth we are quite comfortable, and the house is very nice. The worst feature of our living here is that we're on our way elsewhere. The Zip House is thus a stop along the way, and viewed somewhat as an obstacle rather than the path to fulfillment.

One of the best features of the house is it's location relative to stores, restaurants and other amenities. We've never been so close to Costco (though we have no inclination to engage in bulk buying at this juncture), and have many grocery stores to choose from, including New Seasons, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Chuck's Produce and Safeway. Aong the other amenities is the Pacific Park off-leash dog area. And therein lies the tail.

Juni and Cayenne are well on the way to becoming regulars at Pacific Park. They join the throngs of dogs wagging and greeting, peeing and playing. The park is lovely, large, and well maintained. There is a wide, cinder path perhaps a quarter mile in length surrounding a large green area for ball playing and the like. There are trees along one side, making it feel like a walk in the woods. Juni and Cayenne have fit right in. There are very few displays of dominance or rough play. It's as if everyone realizes what a privilege and pleasure it is to be off leash.

I wish people from other communities could see this park, and how well it works. I'm impressed. More importantly, Juni and Cayenne are.

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