Thursday, December 29, 2011


As I wrote yesterday, we were faced with a minor plumbing malfunction on Tuesday evening. The toilet, a very nice European style dual flush, would not refill after flushing. The refill tube flow was reduced to a trickle, and sometimes stopped completely. We were able to use the toilet, but had to refill the tank each time with a kitchen pot. Though this might not be the most daunting plumbing challenge, we have but one bathroom, and the mere thought of an interruption in its availability seemed cataclysmic.

Having some time on my hands while awaiting a Fedex delivery, I researched toilet tank valves. Once my package was signed for I struck off in search of home improvement products. I started at Costco because Home Depot doesn't have gelato. I picked up a hand-held shower attachment along with some cat food. On my way to the check out I also came across an end cap of bamboo drawer organizers. Oooooh! Organizers!

I was in Costco longer than intended (what a surprise!), and so had to hurry toward town to pick up Sally. On the way I stopped at the neighborhood hardware store near our new house. After all my research I wanted to peruse their toilet tank valve section and consider my options. They had one choice. I bought it.

I'll spare you most of the details. However, one important step was verifying that we had good water pressure from the supply line. I closed the valve, disconnected the line from the toilet, aimed it into the aforementioned kitchen pot and slowly opened the valve. We had adequate water pressure. After I towelled off and mopped the floor I continued my repair work.

It is now the morning after. The toilet has been flushed several times, and has refilled quickly and efficiently. The shower head has been changed, and the new, hand-held wand awaits. I know better than to consider myself a plumber - even an amateur one - but I managed this repair remarkably well. Surely nothing else will break or malfunction at this point.

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