Friday, December 2, 2011

Settling in, temporarily

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with all three kids, Megan's husband AJ and Evan's fiance Angie. Highlights included the Thanksgiving buffet at McMenamins Kennedy School, a coffee excursion to Clive Coffee, two trips to Powell's City of Books, beers at the Green Dragon, a dinner at Toji Korean Grill, the Muddy Rudder Pub in Sellwood, coffee at Motivasi and Ristretto Roasters, pastries from St. Honore. We talked, but usually with our mouths full.

After everyone left Sal and I did some cathartic laundry and settled in to life as usual, at least for the next two weeks. We are scheduled to close on the Wee House on the 13th, with possession on the 16th. A walk-through on Saturday confirmed our recollections and suspicions: It is really small. Once we have our stuff we will continue the process, begun in Spokane, of letting go of many of our accumulated assets. It's just stuff, I know, but the letting go is still difficult.

We are doing well. Sally has begun riding Max to work. I have taken the dogs to a lovely off-leash area a couple times. Even the cat got a chance to briefly explore the great outdoors. I'll write again soon. Until then, may your Advent and Holiday Season be lovely and meaningful.

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