Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting a break

We haven't felt as if we have gotten too many breaks in this relocation process (sniff), but got one today. When informed of our change of schedule in getting access to the Wee House the trucking company head offered to deliver our goods on Saturday without weekend surcharge ($4000). The relocation overlords agreed, and so we will get our goods on Saturday. That is preferable to spending the weekend cleaning or painting, as has been suggested, as all of our tools, painting and cleaning supplies are already in the warehouse in Boise. I hate to buy stuff I already own. We'll do some cleaning with the things we kept out, but nothing monumental. Besides, the sellers have been there 37 years without pets, as the gentleman is severely allergic. I'm guessing the house will be cleaner on Friday evening than it will ever be again.

The closing has been moved up to Monday, so by Monday at noon we will own two houses and be leasing a third. This downsizing thing is tricky. I told Sally yesterday that my goal is to feel a bit settled by our anniversary on March 2. I think that is reasonable, if we work at it.

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