Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of the Beginning

Monday was the last day of our holiday/moving break. We had a lovely breakfast at Besaw's in NW Portland courtesy of Megan and AJ, and walked by St. Honore French bakery after. The Killgore's packed up and left for the Tri-Cities while Sally, Erin and I prepared for a jaunt in search of new elements for our Jenn-Air range. We found the pricey part we needed and took a long route home, including a short beer at the Horse Brass Pub on Belmont.

Erin fixed pasta dinner for dinner and Sal made a salad. We talked about getting our Oregon driver's licenses Tuesday and turned in early in preparation for Sally's return to work. I have phone duty today, including finding a vet for Juni and following up on our eternal efforts to obtain a garbage container from Waste Mangement.

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