Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 46 - Portland It Is!

Yesterday was Day 45 for us. Sally said it was already 46. Her patience was shot. Yesterday morning Sal received word that she had been selected as the Environmental Engineer for the West National Technology Support Center. Her start date in Portland is November 20.

The news triggered shortness of breath and heart palpitations for both of us. I'm very proud of her, and excited for her new challenge. The good news also means we are moving in six weeks.

In a very effective motivational presentation, Janet Ott, a consultant in Bellingham, decried our cultural obsession with safety and security. For example, every morning as Sally leaves for work the next to last thing I say is, "Be careful." Janet Ott urged us to create an ethic of expanding our boundaries and pushing our limits: "If you don't feel like you're about to wet your pants when the opening whistle blows, maybe you aren't playing in a big enough game."

This new position for Sally and our impending move feels like a big enough game.

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