Monday, October 3, 2011


So the news that we will, indeed, be moving to Portland in the weeks ahead has begun sinking in. After Sally received word on Friday I jumped on my bike and rode downtown to be with her. The ride felt great, even though I kept thinking about it as a swan song.

We didn't have trouble eating on Friday evening, although Cayenne, our 13 year-old shepherd-retriever did. In my case the alcohol helped. By Saturday morning my appetite had departed as well. Perhaps it's already headed west on I-84.

Oh sure, we're excited and all. As we've said, this is a tremendous opportunity for Sally and a crowning achievement for a woman who postponed her career ambitions, choosing to stay home with her kids until they were all well established in school. Still, her crowning achievement means we're picking up and moving. It's that reality that has my digestive system all akimbo.

On Saturday evening I played music at a gathering on behalf of the City Council bids of Richard Rush and Joy Jones. I was invited to "make the ask" at the close of the evening on their behalf. The fact that this event fell so close to the day as the news of our impending relocation was poignant. It reminded me of other relocations where I went from being someone of note in a community to relative obscurity. That Portland is a big place makes it feel as if I will never make my mark again.

I sorta hate admitting how much I like being known and engaged, but there you are. Maybe the honest admission will soothe the butterflies inhabiting my middle. If not, I suppose I could attempt to drown them. Again.

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  1. Hollis, I can't imagine you not making yourself known wherever you go. You have a full and vibrant personality. For my part, I am excited to get to see you, Sally, and all the kids over Christmas (please tell me you guys will be there!). Seeing Evan and Angie this summer reminded me that I need to see more of all of you guys.