Monday, October 3, 2011

Medicating the Cat

So the cat was not aware how deeply concerned I was about his health. It was the day for his monthly, oral flea medication. After feeding him I knew the medication would not upset his little cat tummy, and so I placed the pill in a pill popper, knelt down beside the old boy, and began the simple process of inserting the pill into the cat's gullet.

It was some time later that I began to consider the meaning of life, and whether cat's actually have nine of such. By that time the pill had gone into and out of the cat's mouth several times. On the bright side, it was becoming both slick and smaller, and thus, I assume, easier to swallow.

I was getting a cramp, and my glasses had flown off, but I wasn't giving up. Once more into the breach! I held his mouth closed for nearly a minute and finally sensed he had swallowed. Triumph! The cat walked away none the worse for wear, and I finally struggled to my feet... and stepped on my glasses.

I'm unsure how many lives my glasses have. Fewer than nine, I fear.

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