Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 44

Fifty or so days ago (who's counting?) Sally submitted her resume and associated materials for a new position with her agency. The announcement stated that the position would be filled 45 days from the application deadline of August 16th. That works out to September 30th, and makes today Day 44.

Sally was aware of this possible position two years ago. It is both a job and a location that would suit her well. Should she be selected, we would be relocating to Portland, Oregon. Thus our life and our future seems to hang in the balance. Are we moving? Are we staying? Who knows? After all, it is only Day 44.

It's good that we were busy this summer, which kept our minds and hands occupied while we awaited this moment. There was painfully little information provided us by the HR center in Fort Worth. Several weeks after the closing date we finally learned that Sally had made the panel of qualified applicants. A couple weeks later we heard that her references were being contacted. Now we wait, checking her email regularly (which would reveal a negative outcome) and waiting for the phone to ring. It is excruciating.

In the midst of this process we have come to the conclusion that we will be very excited if Sally gets the Portland job, and totally relieved if she doesn't. We have a good life in Spokane, and aren't chomping at the bit to leave. Still, being chosen for the new position would represent a crowning achievement for a woman who entered professional life in her 40's after being a stay at home mom for so long.

So we wait. I often say that the future is exploding into possibility with every decision and action in every present moment. That is true for EVERY moment, and yet some moments seem weightier than others. Whatever the ultimate outcome, I know we will look back on Day 45 as being a watershed moment for us and for our family. On Day 44 we simply don't know which side of the watershed we're on.

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  1. Exciting on either end. I would love to see you two in Portland. And Sally is a fabulous example for all of us!