Monday, November 16, 2009

Working Weekend

We made some real progress this weekend, gathering and sorting the scattered remains of our old kitchen. Sally continued sorting through spices, dry goods, and utensils, trying to figure out what to keep and where best to keep it. I did my best to overcome my hoarding impulse, agreeing to lose the spice rack we purchased from Costco several years ago, and helping clean off bottles and containers that had sat too long in the midst of a construction zone.

We mounted two of the old kitchen cupboards in the basement. One went over the washing machine to hold detergents and such. The other was relegated to the wall of the shop area to provide more storage options for the pile of nails I generally keep on the counter top. Mounting these cabinets led to our reassembling the laundry area, clearing space in the main basement TV room. It feels as if we're finally moving into the house. After six years, it's about time.

We also moved the nice, glass-doored cabinet that had been in
the kitchen into the music room. It looks really nice there, as if it were intended for that wall. We hung one of our large pictures on the wall above the buffet where that cabinet had been stowed.

Finally, we picked up neighbor Bill's trailer and hauled off the rest of the old cabinets, scrap lumber, packing materials, and Evan's decrepit folding chair. This was the next step toward reclaiming the garage for our cars. Given the frosty weather, having the cars parked inside eliminates both the need for scraping windshields and the accompanying shivering.

So, it feels as if we're progressing. There's always more to do, but it feels as if we've reached the summit, and started back down the other side. The journey continues.

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