Monday, November 23, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

In preparation for Megan and Erin's arrival, Sally and I did some cleaning up yesterday. The heavy lifting involved disassembling the wood shop in the garage. Many of the tools we had used in the remodeling project were still in the garage, including at least 7 different kinds of saws, a bucket full of pry bars, and all of the dry wall implements. In addition, there were material remnants leaning up against the walls: gypsum board, plywood, concrete backer board, two by fours, trim pieces, and leftovers from the old cabinets. Everything needed to be sorted, and much needed to be pitched, in order to get both cars into the garage.

After successful completion of the work in the garage, we turned our attention to the spare bedrooms. We needed to make the beds with fresh sheets, and also dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathroom connected to the basement bedroom.

In the midst of this effort my cleaning obsession got the best of me. Not only did I want the bedrooms to be clean, I wanted then to stay clean until the girls arrived. Now, if you have a cat, you recognize that there are some things cats find irresistible. Like moths to a flame, cats are drawn to string, catnip, laps clad in dress clothes, any person who doesn't like cats, and fresh sheets. I did not want Mr. Cat covering the fresh, clean sheets with a layer of hair. Thus, after the bed was made, I closed the door to the bedroom, and went on to other tasks.

After finishing our chores, I spent some time getting prepared for the evening meeting I was to attend. I printed some files, pulled together my materials, and then had a bite of supper. Needing to clean up a bit before changing to my meeting clothes, I elected a quick, electric shave rather than time consuming manual depilation (blade shave). I keep my Braun razor in the basement bathroom, where there is no limit on counter space. As I opened the bedroom door, a rather desperate cat ran out of the room, at last emancipated from his afternoon's confinement in a room replete with fresh sheets.

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