Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick Trip

Sally and I took a quick trip to Kennewick today to have a birthday brunch with Megan, who turns 30 on Tuesday (time flies, etc.). Driving in the abundant sunshine felt luxurious after the few days of cold, dark and wet we've just come through. The brunch was quite nice, and the afternoon visit was as well. The only fly in the ointment was a light kit for a Hunter ceiling fan that we tried to install. We wired and rewired it three times, but to no avail. Finally we wired parts from another lamp to the fan to see if we could achieve light. No luck. I'll bet Lowe's doesn't often have items returned so quickly.

However, our initial trip to the home store wasn't wasted, as Sally and I bought a replacement for a flickering under-cabinet light, and the new transformer works perfectly. It was the easiest fix possible.

So, a quick 330 miles, lots of sunshine, time with Megan, and a safe return. A nice introduction to November.

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