Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday: Bump Day

The first item on my list today is a trip to Group Health to see Dr. Holmquist. I have a bump on my forehead that needs to be removed. Some of you may think my bump is the result of my hitting myself with the heal of my hand while uttering the Homer Simpsonesque "Doh!" during the remodeling. That's ridiculous. I hit myself with my right hand on the right side of my forehead, and the lesion is on the left.

I had a good day yesterday, crossing many items off my list including mowing the lawn, watering the backyard, and laying 50 tiles. I'm going slower today, in part because of the doctor's appointment, and in part because my knees are quite sore from yesterday's exertions. Given that, I have set more modest goals for the day, including finding appropriate opportunities to use the word "behoove" as often as possible.

Given that, and the need to get myself dressed and ready for my visit to the sawbones, it behooves me to sign off for now. I'll add an update about the bloodletting later.

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