Thursday, August 6, 2009

Qvick! Ruunnnn!

So, in the ongoing effort to be a responsible human companion to our four-legged friends, I was out on a walk. The weather website showed some thunderstorm activity northeast of Spokane that showed signs of moving southwest (as if that ever happens). I thought there was plenty of time, especially given the limits Cayenne's hips place on our activities.

The sky was lovely and interesting, especially when I neared the intersection of 35th and Altamont, the far reaches of our excursion. It was then that I noticed the significant movement of the clouds moving from northeast to southwest (as if that ever happens). Given Cayenne's condition, I couldn't really push the pace (you can't teach pace), but no worries. Just as we turned down Crestline from 35th toward home, I noticed large, dark spots on the pavement. Thinking they might be frogs, I paused momentarily. I then heard the first THWACK of rain/hail.

Doing my best J├╝rgen Prochnow impersonation from Dune, I shouted encouragement to the dogs as I broke into a run: "Qvick! Ruunnnn!" The dogs immediately made the connection, and began sniffing for giant sandworms in Bill and Cis' yard.

I wasn't really that worried about melting or anything, and there was no lightning, of which I am famously afraid. It was the laundry on the line. Today was the last good day to dry, and I had washed the dog pillow covers in an effort (mostly vain) to remove the skunk smell. The pillows themselves were lying exposed on the deck where they had soaked up the sunshine. Towels, socks and underwear were carefully spaced on the opposite side of the umbrella clothesline. I had to save the laundry!

"Qvick! Ruunnnn!"

The dogs gave up looking for sandworms, and began searching for the Kwisatz Haderach.

Eventually I got everyone into the back yard. The cat, alarmed either by the storm or my broken English, followed us in. The laundry was saved, and everyone made it safely in just as.... it stopped raining.

This wouldn't be happening to me if I had a houssse-keeperr.

Now, as I post this, the storm has come. Cue the electric guitars. Let the Fremen dance.

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  1. If you had said "squirrel" instead of pulling out the Prochnow, they might have not been looking for sandworms. A housekeeper wouldn't necessarily have helped, as it might have just been a Harkonnen spy. However, the waken must now sleep. :-) Don't drink the Water of Life, and be sure to bend like a reed in the wind.