Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthday Observance

Today is Sally's birthday, though I feel like I'm the one who got a present, as she finally came home from the Tri-Cities. She celebrated her big day by taking the day off so we could spend 10 hours tiling. We got all the tile down in the kitchen except one piece around the water pipes under the sink. We only have about 8 more partial tiles to install in the entry way. All that stopped us from finishing was the need for some transitional pieces at the top of the stairs.

I showed my romantic side by treating Sally to the Grande Meal from Taco Bell. That's 10 crunchy taco's, Amigo! To tell the truth, they weren't bad after 10 hours of tiling. And after 3 months of not having a kitchen, our creativity has waned, especially when it's late and we're already tired.

The other news of the day is that my bump was indeed a basal cell carcinoma, so I have to schedule an appointment to remove any more tissue that might be malignant. If caught early, such carcinomas are not deadly, but I admit to being less than excited about forehead surgery. My headache from Wednesday's procedure lasted about 18 hours, and I'm not eager for a do-over.

Tomorrow will feature a shopping trip to Home Depot for some tile bull-nose for the top of the steps, some wood molding for transitions, and grout. After we grout and seal we'll be ready to remove some cabinets from their crates in the garage and begin assembling the ladder bases on which they will sit. It's almost hard to believe that this is really going to happen!

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