Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Some years ago my younger brother and his son were using their new label maker in an effort to enhance their home organization. They made labels for sporting goods, pet paraphernalia, and cleaning supplies. In a moment of brilliance, my brother printed and applied a label that read, "Label Maker".

In that same spirit I proudly announce the first item on my to-do list for today: "Make List".

I got quite a bit done yesterday, despite Sally's absence, including watering the garden and the raspberry patch, tasks Sally normally assumes with joy. The major items on my list for today are lawn mowing and continuing tile work. Sally and I laid 41 tiles during our first session Sunday. The new tiles, combined with the fresh paint and light fixtures also added over the weekend, give us the sense that we are making progress. I won't know if we have indeed progressed until I check my list....

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  1. Looks great, Hollis. Nice colors although I'm sure they look a little different in "person".