Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chronos, Kairos, and Tiling

Gosh, what a title!

Yesterday I told Sally I thought we'd be able to finish tiling in a couple of hours. Ten hours later we were down to a few edge pieces left. By suppertime this evening we had all the tiles down.
Sally has been pretty gentle with me, considering my forecast of "a couple hours" left to go. In truth, tiling is a timeless activity. You don't really think about time, but it passes... sometimes quickly. When the project is finished, it all seems worth it, and the sore knees and long hours don't seem to matter. I've heard women describe childbirth that way. Perhaps this tiling is the closest I will coming to giving birth, if giving birth was a process that involved knee joints.

Anyway, we're past another important point, and now will move on to grouting and sealing the grout before we finally unpack the first of the cabinets. There's still lots of trim and finish work to do, but we needed to get to this point to make the next steps possible, including setting the template for the countertops, and installing the new range hood. Very exciting!

Speaking of exciting, Sally got a new laser level today so she can determine the high point on the floor from which to level the cabinet ladders, and I got an electric nail gun! Can't wait to fasten something!

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