Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We're back to owing the bank for only one house, which is a relief. We aren't sure what will happen to the Spokane house now, as it is the property of the relocation company. One positive outgrowth of the time that has passed since we left, and some of the struggle we had in the process, is that we have pretty much lost our emotional connection with the house. Given that we haven't developed a connection with the new one, we are a bit adrift.

It's snowing in Portland this morning, which is headline news. A little snow here is hazardous as the city is not set up to remove it, and drivers are not accustomed to driving in it. We may get several inches, which would exceed the annual average. It's actually lovely.

We are turning our attention to some remodeling ideas this week. We need to get some idea of cost so we can set priorities. We won't engage in anything large scale this time around, but some closet revisions and a fireplace insert are likely.

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