Monday, January 30, 2012

Downton Abbey

Like gadzillions of others, Sally and I build our weekends around Masterpiece Theatre's Downton Abbey. If you are not already a viewer, I'd say that it is simply splendid in more ways than you'd wish to hear me recount.

Beyond being entertaining, this new classic is thought provoking. Using customs and mores of the early 20th century as a lens, it has brought one of the major social questions of our day into clear focus. While conservatives wail about the need to protect the institution of marriage, Downton Abbey reminds us that marriage has always reflected the times and culture. Beyond being open to reinterpreting marriage, I believe we are compelled to do so. That the State of Washington is on the verge of voting marriage equality into law is good news for many people I hold dear. The truly good news, however, will be the realization of the hope that marriage equality will become the law of the land. And someday some new classic will be written portraying the silliness and pettiness and tragedy that preceded that reality.

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