Monday, January 9, 2012

Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

This isn't how we expected to spend the evening. Cayenne started panting during our dinner, and then came in from a trip outside bleeding profusely. We aren't sure what's going on, but most of the likely outcomes are dire.

We called our vet, and were directed to Dove Lewis. This is a much nicer experience than we had taking Sally to the emergency room in Spokane. The facility is well lit, well maintained, with a friendly and helpful staff. They also do euthanasia here when needed. I'm keeping one of their cards for future reference. If I start to fail this seems a better final destination than some.


  1. One of my friends works there! Okay, she's in the PR/graphic design side, but still. It is an excellent place. So sorry to hear you had to make the acquaintance of DoveLewis in such a way. I hope Cayenne is doing better today.

    I guess you have a regular vet in town, but I also do have a friend that can come do house calls for euthanasia. She went to Pacific with us and does know Evan.

  2. Cayenne didn't make it home. She apparently had a mass that had ruptured, and continued bleeding. Given her age and general health we elected a quick and gentle end. I wanted to write more about her this morning but simply couldn't. Sally and I are devastated. Cayenne was a special friend.