Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yeast Waffles

Waffles. You gotta love 'em. No, I'm not talking about people running for public office or saying they'll end the war and achieve health care reform. I mean real waffles.

Sally and I decided more than a year ago that a new waffle iron was in store for us. We had struggled with her old one for years, and had pretty much given up. Our new WaringPro waffle iron is like the ones in hotels that offer complimentary breakfast where you rotate the iron while the waffle is cooking.

We thought we'd really accomplished something when we discovered recipes for using Amish Friendship batter to make waffles. I mean, what else can you do with that batter? We've already baked every kind of sweet bread known to humanity, and gotten tired of it. Anyway, we made waffles with our starter/batter, and did so for most of a year before leaving for New Zealand. We put our starter in the freezer while we were gone, but it didn't make it. For the first time in months, we couldn't start anything. We tried making our own starter, but after an encouraging, bubble-filled few days, things went flat again. Alas.

Then we got the idea of purchasing fresh, cake yeast. We looked in stores, including the new co-op, to no avail. Then, walking by Great Harvest Bakery, we thought to ask if they could sell us some yeast. Absolutely! For just $3.50, Sally was given a brick-sized block of yeast, enough to make bread or waffles for the Super Bowl... not a Super Bowl party, the one in Miami.

We cut the block into squares, froze most of it (it should keep for up to 2 months that way), and kept 2 ounces fresh. We looked up recipes for yeast waffles, and waited for the weekend to arrive.

Last night we mixed up the batter, incorporating our fresh yeast (recipe available upon request). We covered it and refrigerated it overnight, and then made waffles this morning.

YUM! Get that Amish batter out of here! We've experienced Waffle Nirvana!

I love unstructured Saturday mornings, with the newspaper, a pot of coffee, and the taste and aroma of yeast waffles. Life is good.

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