Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day

Well, even if they don't do much else, the Presidents got us a holiday, eh? We took advantage of the day and had a waffle brunch before Sally got started potting the new blueberries. We have 8 bushes that we are going to plant by the deck near the kitchen door. She then potted several thousand ( OK, about four score and ten) apricot pits we saved from the family trees last summer. Given the survival rate we experienced in the past, we might get a few seedlings out of her efforts.

I did some plant work as well, removing the Passion vines, fuchsia, amaryllis, and lemon tree from the table in the dining room. I hung the vines outside to harden them a bit, and placed the others on a table inside the sliding door in the music room.

Evan and Sally worked on some materials for the apartment Evan and Angie are hoping to lease, and we got those faxed to Omaha. Finally, we got in a nice walk, culminating in picking some over-wintered carrots that Neighbor Ron told us to help ourselves to. In a few minutes we're all going to ride our bikes to the store to buy a few things to complement the fajitas I'm making for supper.

So, I hope you had a Happy Presidents Day. Perhaps President Obama has not accomplished all we hoped, but then, did you really think we would change the entire culture in one election? And besides, at least he isn't accomplishing the same things that his predecessor (He Who Shall Not Be Named) managed to inflict on the nation and world in his two terms. Let keep hoping, and keep working, for a better tomorrow.

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