Friday, February 26, 2010

Smart Car, Stupid Driver

I saw that heading on a photo of a Smart Car parked several feet away from a curb in Albany, NY. I thought of the phrase again after doing some more reading about our new purchase. You doubtlessly remember that I took the car to a Mercedes-Benz dealership for an oil change, because the car was built by, designed by, financed by Mercedes-Benz, or at least passed by a Mercedes... probably several... thousand.

Anyway, upon further review I have learned that the engine of our little Smart Car is actually a Mitsubishi 3B2. I can only imagine the rollicking time the mechanics at Mercede-Benz of Spokane (in Liberty Lake) must have had working on my little darling. They probably laughed so hard that Mobil 1 came out of their noses. Their hoity toity, condescending, snooty snoot noses. But I am not upset. After all, as Evan pointed out, their sign did say We service all makes and models, and I'm pretty sure that includes Smart/Mitsubishis with clueless owners.

And one more thing.... I have learned that part of the lure of Mercedes-Benz ownership is signaling to all the world that you have so much money that you can afford the frequent, unscheduled maintenance that these German wonders of technology require. So we're actually pretty comfortable knowing that our engine is a Mitsubishi, even if the car around it was built in France in partnership with a Swiss watchmaker. It probably has a really good clock.

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