Monday, September 12, 2011


It's been a while since I blogged about bicycling. To tell you the truth, biking isn't so much recreation for us as it is transportation. We wish it were simply regarded that way more often. I noted some new, flattering "bicycle fashions" for women were being touted at a Spokefest booth yesterday. You know, I generally don't feel a need to change into performance clothes before driving the Subaru. I wish the same were true of bikes.

Anyway, Sally and I rode in Spokefest yesterday, taking the "Classic River Route" of 21 miles through Riverside Park. It was cool to set off with 1,900 other riders, and I liked having some of the roads and intersections cleared for our passage.

Our no-nose bike saddles were a major success. Sally's is a Comfort Saddle from the UK, and mine is a Nexride noseless saddle. The point is to reduce pressure on what we delicately refer to as soft tissues. The seats were a total success. We rode not only the Spokefest route yesterday, but also the 11 miles down and up South Hill before and after. Our legs were tired, but our "soft tissues" were neither sore nor numb. It's amazing that such saddles have not caught on more quickly. Change is difficult. Here we are after the ride. Note the seats, and the satisfied smiles!

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