Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She was only joking...

Michele Bachmann recently stated that the Virginia earthquake and Hurricane Irene were God's efforts to get Washington DC's attention. Once word got out, her campaign staff, wanting to make sure she wasn't labelled a wacko like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, or Rick Perry, quickly stated that she had been joking. I've noticed that about conservative Christians. They're always joking around about God's wrath. Like Harold Camping, for example, who recently pulled our collective leg by predicting the Rapture on April 21st/October 21st. Ha ha. What a kidder!

Anyway, I think Michele Bachmann might have been on to something with her tongue-in-cheek statement of faith. Perhaps God WAS trying to get Washington DC's attention. But what message was the DIVINE trying to communicate? Interpreting the DIVINE WILL has always been tricky. Michele Bachmann obviously thinks the HOLY ONE is a bulwark against government deficits. After all, HE did say "Neither a borrower nor a lender be." Wait. That was Benjamin Franklin....

How are we to know exactly what God's message to Washington DC was? It might have been the hyper-patriotic, xenophobic, quasi-racist message of the Tea Party. On the other hand, it might turn out that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is also the God of Abraham, Martin and John (from the 1968 peace song). Perhaps Michele Bachmann and her right-wing Republican ilk who brought the government to a standstill in an effort to end funding for the poor, oppressed and downtrodden while maintaining the war(s) in the Middle East and tax breaks for the wealthy were the targets of God's imperfect aim (rain befalling the just and the unjust alike). If the Right was the target, God might need to try again.

"Let's see, WE have tried earth and wind.... How about fire next?
Earth, Wind and Fire!
Wait. People might think I'M sending a message about a band."

Oh well.

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  1. My only possible bright spot in all this is that Michele Bachmann might miss the filing deadline to run again in the 6th district. She surely won't win the presidency -- she's on the record as being too extreme -- but we can get her kicked out of office in Minnesota. That would be nice.