Friday, August 26, 2011

Greed II

I posted earlier about the $3 per month fee our bank is initiating for debit card use. In the last couple days I've noticed an advertisement for the bank announcing a program to help people learn to save. Here's how it works - every time you use your debit card they will transfer one dollar from your checking to your savings account.

The ad doesn't mention that when you use that debit card, the first three dollars are transferred from your checking account to theirs.

I visited my bank yesterday and told them I thought this was despicable. They put me in touch with an assistant manager who upgraded our account so we wouldn't have to pay the fee. They are still despicable, of course, but at least we're being treated well (unlike anyone who doesn't have enough money to qualify for an upgrade and will still be charged to use their own money.) Thank goodness for that!

We're closing our account.

1 comment:

  1. glad you're closing your account! I think that's the only way to get through to banks. It does bother me that the poorest among us (who can least afford extraneous fees) are the ones who have to pay the most just to get the money they've earned.