Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I just received notice that our bank will begin charging us $3 per month for the privilege of using our debit card for purchases. I thought the whole idea of debit cards was to reduce the reliance on having to process checks....

This parallels the practice of airlines charging for checked baggage, which has resulted in more and more people trying to bring their sea chest with them as a carry-on. To combat the resulting boarding gridlock I especially enjoyed Frontier Airlines offering early boarding to people who didn't have carry-ons that required use of the overhead bins. It was entertaining watching the urban cowboy couple dragging huge cases trudge into that line. They were going to put those crates under the seat in front of them? Right.

In the end it's not about anyone's convenience at all. It's unmitigated greed on the part of these banks and companies and individuals seeking their own benefit at everyone else's cost. As long as we continue to live within the upside down culture that insists that greed and self-serving behavior are virtuous and serve the greater good all we will face these challenges.

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  1. Whenever one of my banks pulls crap like that, I drop the account and move somewhere new. I'm doing checking with Schwab now. Not only do I get free debits, I also get free withdrawals from any ATM (they reimburse me each month), free check mailers (because there are no branches), and a wee bit of interest. It works well for me. I am not a fan of fees. They are already getting to use my money; why should I pay them for the privilege?