Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's 1/1/11, which probably signifies something.

Erin has been at home this week, which has been lovely. We have gone to the movies, had coffee and muffins at Atticus, sampled the high-end beers from Jim's Home Brew, and compared Reuben sandwiches at Madeleine's and the Two Seven Public House. We snowshoed at Manito Park and the visited Lookout Pass, where Sally and Erin skied and I spent the day going downhill.

I wasn't all that sore yesterday, which surprised me. Today is a bit worse. I guess I've reached the age where it even takes longer to fall apart.

On behalf of Fritz, Ernst, Francis and the entire cast of The Swiss Family Robinson, we wish you and yours the very best for the year to come!

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