Friday, January 21, 2011

Really Slick. Really.

Sal and I were taking it easy this morning - we'd thought about going skiing but decided against it - running an errand or two and planning on breakfast out. Just as we were leaving the house it started raining very lightly. Not normally a problem. This morning, however, the temperature was 27 degrees. When the mist hit the street, it lightly and evenly coated it with ice. We drove VERY slowly, and still slipped and slid around.

Within minutes the roads became nearly impassable. We were at Hogan's Diner by then, and nearly slid into a parked car. We parked the Smart car and watched in terror as a large pickup truck slowly skated right alongside and by us, all four wheels locked. We went into the diner and got online, only to learn that this surprise ice storm was wreaking havoc all over town. The county sheriff was asking everyone to stay off the road. We saw scads of people driving through the parking lot as if they were late for their own funerals. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

I experienced ice like this in Indiana growing up, and in other parts of the midwest later on. The difference here is how hilly everything is (something you notice when biking or when ice coats the world) and how stupid the drivers are. Are really hate to think that Spokane drivers are less intelligent than Indiana drivers. However, this morning out, and slowly home again without incident, gives me pause.

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