Monday, December 20, 2010

After a big day....

Yesterday was a big day. I preached at the early service and then did an hour presentation for the Spokane Humanists. After a few hours at home I returned to the church for a Finance Team meeting. As I reflect on the day I note that taking on future responsibilities rarely seems daunting from the secure distance of two or three months time. Then, as the fateful day approaches, the sense of dread settles like morning fog. What was I thinking? It all went fine, I slept like a log, and this week won't require the same energy output.

In the news....

I just read about the trend in big business to enforce increasingly restrictive dress codes, including standards for underwear fabric ( I wish to offer a reassuring word to anyone seeking employment with such companies: Don't worry, I'm sure your new bosses will support independent thinking and personal initiative. Like the Army.

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