Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday was strange... Almost eerie. There were numerous wildfires west of Spokane, darkening the sky and filling the air with smoke. Sally and I willingly took the dogs for a walk, but soon got beyond the feeling that it was like camping. Or perhaps that was exactly what it was like... When you're near a campfire and can't seem to escape the smoke.

We were not alone in those feelings. Mister Cat was agitated, and kept seeking safe haven. He hid in the bottom of Sally's closet for a while, then went down to the basement and curled up under a table. Juni and Cayenne also seemed distraught. The house was warm as we headed for bed, but Ieft the windows closed to prevent even more smoke from entering.

Around midnight I got up with the dogs and noticed the freshening breeze. I opened the bedroom windows, and we all slept better from that point. This morning Cayenne "asked" to be fed before 6:30. Let's just say that almost never happens. We're all relieved that the smoke has cleared, at least for a while.

I can't help but think of and feel sorry for the Russian people, struggling to breathe day after day while the wildfires burn on. The Earth and it's forces are powerful and awe inspiring. Humility seems appropriate, and exceedingly rare.

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