Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For anyone still checking for posts...

I'm attempting a post from a mobile device. We'll see if this works.

As I stated in my last post, I've been narrowly focussed on my work at the UU Church of Spokane for the past 8 weeks. Things have gotten off to a good start, though I am clearly ready for a break.

I have many wonderful new friends, which has been the highlight of my work at UUCS. The "lowlight", I suppose, is that I find even the Unitarians to be more religious than I am. I guess that isn't terribly surprising, or particularly difficult.

Attendance has been good this summer, which is a rarity for UU churches, in which pretty much everyone, including the minister, take the summer off. The fall promises to be busy and challenging. A couple weeks of R&R in preparation for e next stint are most welcome.

I hope anyone who reads this (Hi, Arlene!) is well and enjoying the summer. I may post again over the next couple of weeks, depending on how busy I get doing nothing.

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  1. I read too! Glad to know you're settling in. I also find many churches a bit too religious for me . . . but still enjoying going for the community aspects.