Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mid-Life Crisis

So is it too late for me to go ahead and have my mid-life crisis now?

Evan texted us last night from the Honda dealer where he was getting his car dropped off for service (again). As he waited for Angie to pick him up he looked at the new cars in the showroom (the real reason why car dealers even HAVE service departments) and saw the new Honda CR-Z Sport-Hybrid. He immediately fell in love, and I soon contracted the bug. Even Sally has been slightly infected.

So we are wondering whether it is our patriotic duty to trade in the Smart car we just bought in March for a CR-Z. Then we could trade it for the next gewgaw that comes our way. I can track the whole progression of purchases on my iPad (Yes, really). I guess we'll pass for the moment, hoping that perhaps the old Subaru will give up the ghost. I guess at my age a mid-life crisis requires quite a bit of rationalization.

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  1. Hi Hollis,
    So you know me...I have been checking and checking your blog, hoping for something to read (since books are soooo yesterday) and then one day I see I've missed several Posts on your blog! And I have gained celebrity status even. Well. What will happen next in the world?