Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quick Trip

Sally and I took a quick trip to Seattle on Sunday, returning yesterday evening. Along the way we visited Megan in Kennewick, Sal's Aunt Margie in Bothell, and had dinner with Sal's nieces Tracy and Tricia in Seattle. In planning the trip I had originally looked at lodging choices out in the suburbs near Margie. Eventually I decided to approach things as I would planning a trip to Amsterdam or Auckland, where I'd never choose a hotel on the outskirts of town. We opted to stay at the Mediterranean Inn on Queen Anne Avenue, adjacent to Seattle Center. It was a great choice.

Our hotel afforded us the chance to walk to an Irish pub for a beer, to walk to Pagliacci Pizza for dinner, and to walk to Pike Place Market yesterday morning for a look see, Russian pastries, and interesting shopping, sights and sounds. The cinnamon and cardamom braids from Piroshky's Bakery were among the best ever. We'd do it again, in a caffeine-addled, jittery Seattle minute.

By the time we arrived back in Spokane last night we were feeling the pain of our quick, busy trip. Sally had a headache and I had a sore throat, so we made an early evening of it. Given Sally's work schedule, that isn't too unusual anyway.

Spring is here, at least according to the calendar. It wasn't difficult to accept the fact while walking about on the westside, given the sight of blossoming trees, and the displays of daffodils and tulips at Pike Place, doubtlessly from the Skagit Valley we used to call home. Spring will come to Spokane as well, and will find us ready and willing for its arrival.

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  1. ahh, you make me jealous! I miss Seattle a lot. Glad you had a good trip :-)