Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Around the House

After our weekend away and meetings at the church yesterday, I was ready to do my domestic male thing today. Fixed breakfast for Sally and I, getting her off to work on her bike by 6 a.m.
I worked on the replacement top bracket for the bike rack, and got it installed. I rode to the post office with the tax returns for Sal's mother's estate, vacuumed the main rooms, and did three loads of laundry.

The most notable aspect of the laundry task was that this is the OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE OUTDOOR DRYING SEASON. We've actually dried a duffel bag and a camera case outside in the past few days, but those were just preseason events. This is opening day!

I hung out two loads of laundry, which is about as much as will dry this time of year, when the temperature is still moderate and the sun low in the sky. Still, its early for outdoor drying. I noted that I blogged on the same subject on April 16th last year. What a difference a warm winter makes!

The second most notable aspect of the laundry task was my ill-advised inclusion of my black Dockers with the other dark clothes. The problem wasn't the color, but rather, the fabric. These Dockers collect pet hair unlike any slacks I've ever worn. I can get pet hair on them by looking up the word "dog" in a dictionary. By the time I wore them home from work yesterday and sat down a few minutes, they were totally bedecked... festooned even. I tried to shake off the hair, and brushed the slacks as well. Finally I decided that they would have to be donated, as I can't wear them with so much hair on them, and am not planning to donate the dogs this week. I thought I'd better wash them before donating them, so into the laundry they went. Big mistake.

Well, at least the pet hair on all our other dark clothing is clean. And thanks to the opening of outdoor drying season, it even smells April... er.... March fresh.

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