Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's About Numbers

This represents my 100th blog post. I must say that I have really enjoyed the process of writing. Perhaps the biggest challenge in all of this is the lack of feedback. In public speaking and preaching I avoid notes and lecterns specifically so as to make strong visual connections with the audience or congregation. In blogging, though I may think about how my eventual readers might respond to something I've written, I'm never really sure anyone is out there. At best the feedback I receive comes hours or days after I've posted. Looks like I'm finally having to embrace delayed gratification.

We clearly pay more attention to some numbers than others. I guess it's the result of being in a base-10 system that 10th, 20th, 30th etc. get our attention. 25th makes sense because of being a quarter of a century. Other milestones? I remember St. Matthew's Church in Evansville planning a big celebration for their 65th anniversary. I thought it was weird. In retrospect, perhaps the members there were all focused on retirement.

Anyway, since this is my 100th post, I'd like to share some numbers and their importance to me:

1 - Sally's the one for me.
2- dogs
3- great kids
3.14159265- Yes, I want punch and pi
4- seasons; Brett Favre of the Packers, Jets, Vikings, and _________
5- Paul Hornung of the Packers
7- always a favorite digit. Lloyd Ruby drove car #7 in the Indy 500
9- lives of a cat. Taj is probably on #5 or #6
12- first home address
13- # of great power associated with women and the moon
15- Bart Starr of the Packers
16- driver's license
18- voting age
21- drinking age
24- high school football #; age when Sally and I got married
25- Lloyd Ruby's other car number
31- Jim Taylor of the Packers
44- Hank Aaron
52- a good year
57- a good age
63- year my family moved to Indianapolis
66- Ray Nitschke of the Packers
79- Megan's birth
83- Erin's birth
86- Evan's birth
98- Parnelli Jones at the Indy 500; year we moved to Washington
98.6- seems normal
195- work at keeping the weight off
820- miles I rode my bike this year
1700- miles I rode my bike in 2008
2012- The Mayan calendar says what? Give me a.... break.
23,000- dollars we saved by doing the kitchen ourselves, at least!
4.5 billion- years of Earth history
14 billion years- since the Big Bang. Approximately. Who's counting?
101- my next blog post. It's been fun, but let's keep our eyes on the future, at least until 2012...

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