Monday, October 12, 2009

At long last....

Yes, that is a faucet. Dave from Anderson Heating came this morning and did all the plumbing work. We have a nice, new faucet, a super-quiet garbage disposal, and new plastic drain pipe. The dishwasher is reattached, as is the supply line for the refrigerator. We are ecstatic. A bit emotional, even.

We started tearing out cabinets on June 13th. The sink was decommissioned on June 25th. It's been 4 months of upheaval, and 3 and a half months with a bucket of water on the table in the music room. Having a sink is an amazing convenience.

I remember having this feeling after my first trip to the Dominican Republic. In Tamayo, the remote village where we worked, people got their water from an irrigation ditch, and used unadorned holes in the ground for toilets. I remember telling the kids when I returned that we should never take a faucet for granted.

I forgot that lesson for a while. I'm thankful again.

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