Sunday, October 18, 2009


Sally attended and I preached at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane (UUCS) this morning, where I will be providing some consulting services for the next several months. This was my public debut there, which added to my nervousness. Though everything went pretty well, I felt totally drained by the time we made our way home after the second service.

In one sense the stakes were not at all high for me. My limited contract does not call for me to preach very often, or to provide ministerial services to the congregation at large. Given that, if the sermon had missed the mark or had the congregation's response to me been lukewarm, it would not have changed the contract. Still, I felt a sense of urgency to establish a strong relationship with the larger congregation, and to achieve a degree of credibility that might enhance the receptivity of various groups to my counsel.

Upon staggering home and collapsing I thought of Evan, who is in the early stages of job hunting. I'm sure there are others among my friends and family who face high stakes interviews and presentations in the weeks and months to come. May it go well, and be well for you.

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