Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Waiting Room

I'm in the waiting room at Lourdes Medical Center in Pasco, Washington. I'm, uh... waiting. Megan is having a surgical procedure this morning, and so I'm here to ferry her home and to make sure she's doing OK before returning to Spokane.

I drove down yesterday evening after dinner. Given that the range is functional, Sally had suggested that we fix pasta and fresh sauce. I agreed, but then became less than enthusiastic as the reality hit. We had to roam about our several kitchens looking for the pans, spoon, olive oil, and pasta. I left shortly after we ate, leaving Sally to wash the dishes and figure out where to stash the pans afterward, given that the remodeled kitchen isn't ready to receive them. We were excited to cook a meal in our new digs, but my sense is that it's a bit like getting your skis out in October, or your golf clubs in February. The excitement is there, but it simply isn't time yet.

We are really happy with the work we've done to date, and are eager to get past the next steps. The counters and sink are to be installed tomorrow, with the plumber on tap (!) for next week. After that time we should have a faucet, drain, dishwasher, and disposal. We also hope to mount the last wall cabinet this week, allowing us to move the refrigerator back into the room. There will still be finishing work to complete, but that will be gravy. Hmmmm. Gravy.....

I have one more work-related trip planned, to Forest Grove, Oregon. I'm doing a keynote presentation and a workshop on "Reinventing Stewardship" for the Central Pacific Conference. It will be strange to be in Forest Grove without Evan, Angie, and all their friends being there as well. In some ways it feels like coming full circle, as I was the keynote speaker for the West Regional Youth Gathering on the Pacific University campus in 1990. Back then, driving west from Lincoln, Nebraska, we would have had a hard time believing how big a role Pacific would have in our family's future. Back then, we dreamed of moving to the northwest. Now seems as if this upper left hand corner of the U.S. is home.

The doctor just came in with word that Megan is out of surgery and is doing fine. I'm off to see her....

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  1. The advantage of living down here is that golfing in February is not out of the question. :-) I'm feeling okay, though my ability to type is hampered by the big sensor on my index finger. Love you all! Megan