Monday, September 28, 2009

Recovery Time

I'm back home from my Idaho adventure, having driven back from Mountain Home on Saturday evening. Sally and I had talked about mounting the last wall cabinet yesterday, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Aging is a funny thing. In some ways I don't feel as if I have changed at all, and yet I notice big differences in things like recovery time. I just can't bounce back from travel or physical exertion as quickly as I once did.

When I served the Nebraska Conference I said that I might be interested in Conference work again when the children were grown, making travel less of a burden on the family. Now I find that the burden is on me. After 3 days on the road I feel like I need 3 days to recover. In the meantime there are all kinds of household chores that need attention, and more travel in the offing. Gosh.

I didn't want to pass up the opportunity of commenting on one aspect of my weekend excursion. I'm still absorbing the impact of standing at the corner of North 10th Street East and East 10th Street North in Mountain Home, Idaho. I imagine looking at a map of town with a red dot indicating: "You might be here...or not." It was reminiscent of the wonderful graffiti drawn from the history of quantum physics - "Heisenberg may have slept here." It's evident that Heisenberg may have gotten lost in Mountain Home.

Today will likely be the last day of summery weather, at least for a while. Though a high of 80 degrees is forecast for today, we'll barely make it out of the 50's the rest of the week. Sally and I noted a big ski sale yesterday next to our bank. It was inevitable that fall would come again, and winter on it's heels, no doubt. But I haven't yet recovered from last winter! I used to be ready for the change of seasons. I wonder if that's an aspect of aging?

(If you start reading the post over again from the top you can imagine that I'm repeating myself. Or did I write that already?)

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