Thursday, September 17, 2009

More kitchen progress...

It may seem this has gone on for a long time. That's because it has. I started taking "before" photos in anticipation of our remodeling effort in early May. The thought has occurred to me that a long timeframe is very helpful in such projects: By the time you finish you're so relieved that any small improvement is gravy. This is akin to the little boy who repeatedly hit himself on the head with a hammer because it felt so good when he stopped.

We are now beginning to see glimpses of what the "after" views will look like. But even when the counters and sink are in, it won't be "after" until the baseboard is installed, the sill finished, and the pots, pans, plates, dry goods, scissors, calendars, dog water dish, and on and on are collected from their various locations throughout the western hemisphere and carefully stowed in just the perfect new spot. Either that or we'll dump them here and there with the solemn intent of sorting through everything later.

I want to share some photos documenting our progress. At left is Sally enjoying a cold beer after we got the pantry off of me and in place. The SolaTube hovers like a halo over her head... and yes, she is a saint. Another of her considerable accomplishments, other than drinking beer, was fastening insulation beneath the Pex tubing that will now provide heat from under the tile floor. Sally is either pointing to the insulation, or imaging herself entering the ministry. I report, you decide.

I have spent a great deal of time and energy on the opening into the living room, and the new cooking area. With the installation of the range hood, it is really looking good.

We don't have countertops yet, but that has not kept me from spreading all kinds of stuff everywhere.

And finally, for now, a view of the wall cabinets that we are installing. Progress has been slow, but sure, and we are excited about the way it's coming together.

Like my "Bike to Work Week" blog, the kitchen project will some day be in our rear view mirror. Then I will be able to write about, talk about, think about and dream about something else. Until then, we're all stuck in this together, eh?


  1. Do you do bathrooms, insulation in crawl spaces or 75"x13' windows? Looks fantastic!

  2. We will be doing bathrooms next, though I think some time off for sanity sake might be in order!