Thursday, June 14, 2012

Close to Failing

Our home in Portland is located on Northeast 64th Avenue, between Beech and Failing Streets. I've been somewhat reluctant to tell people that we live near 64th and Failing, especially given that I'm only 60 and in robust good health. In recent days, through the study of history, I've become emboldened. Indeed, I'm now close to Failing. Josiah Failing was the fourth mayor of Portland, in 1854. His son, Henry Failing was a banker and businessman who was elected mayor three times. Henry's first reelection effort garnered 785 votes in his favor to just 5 in opposition. As mayor, Henry Failing introduced modern practices to the office, some which still survive in the 21st Century. After ending his political career Henry Failing was a Trustee of the University of Oregon, and a Trustee and Treasurer of Pacific University where our son and daughter-in-law did their undergraduate work. Failing Street in Northeast Portland is named in honor of this esteemed family. And I've never been more proud to be so close to Failing.

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  1. HI Hollis! Happy Father's Day! Good thing you don't live near Loser St. Har har!