Monday, April 26, 2010

Slowkey Pokey

Yet another cat tail, er, tale....

I decided this morning that Mister has been dancing, for at least the past 6 years, a very slow version of the Hokey Pokey. We first noticed him shaking his tail all about. Then his collar-shaking emerged as a primary means of summoning our attention and directing our activities. In the past few days he has begun shaking his left rear leg as he descends the basement stairs. Eventually, by the time he has used all his nine lives, he will have gotten to the point of putting his "whole self in and shake it all about."

By the way, I learned that there is some controversy about the name of the little dance we in the US call Hokey Pokey. Other names range from Hokey Cokey and Okey Cokey in Great Britain, to Buggy Wuggy in Denmark (probably pronounced "cyoo"), to Hokey Tokey in New Zealand where they don't want the dance to be confused with the popular ice cream flavor. So, when the cat performs it we shall term it the Slowkey Pokey, given the years it's taken him to get to one leg.

As long as we are considering cross-cultural awareness, it might be helpful to note that controversy isn't pronounced "controversy" throughout the English speaking world, and that in Denmark it's probably pronounced "cyoo".

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