Thursday, January 28, 2010

Growth industry

I was in a meeting recently where the term "growth" came up again and again -- Do we want to grow, are we ready to grow, we're not growing, we're putting ourselves in a position to grow. Later that day I listened to political debate, hearing that we need to get the economy growing again. Then I turned to the BBC World site where a recent paper that argued that we'll never be able to meet climate change goals unless we give up our current economic assumptions. The paper and its authors were quickly dismissed as "anti-growth".

Economic growth, personal growth, professional growth, church growth.

I've decided that, after years of fighting the trends, I too will embrace growth. Indeed, given my having grown up in a basketball crazy state I have long been dissatisfied with my stature. So I resolved this New Year to resume my growth. And it's working!

I've already added an inch and a half to my waistline.

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  1. This makes me think of that caterpillar at the top of the heap thing. There's nothing up there. If there isn't any point in growing up, you might as well spread out (heh) a little and enjoy yourself. =)