Friday, December 19, 2014

Catching Up

I note that my last blog post was nearly two years ago. Golly! How much can happen in two years?

  • Retirement from active ministry.
  • Completed interim executive director stints at FISH and St. Andrew Legal Clinic, turned down two others, and recently began one at Schoolhouse Supplies, a free store for public school teachers.
  • Adopted our first small dog, Nyxie, who immediately took over our house and our lives.
  • Became a Grandpa. There is not hardly anything better.
  • Was present as daughter Erin was granted her PhD. OK, that was pretty cool, too.
  • Traveled to Scotland, and loved it.
  • Got back into camping, saw a lot of Oregon, and loved it.
  • Nursed Sally back from myocarditis.
  • Did some neat reconstruction of our deck and back steps.
  • Began grieving my mother's death.
  • Said goodbye to my longtime gallbladder.
It's time for me to start writing again. You may not have missed anything in the intervening months, but I have. Perhaps with a reduction in bile content my ramblings might prove palatable. Probably not. But it's time.

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