Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Waiting in Vancouver

I wrote a blog post yesterday, the first in a month. Then, as a perfect illustration of our circumstances, I didn't get to a free wifi venue to post it. So it sits on my MacBook, and I am relegated to posting using the iPad.

Yesterday was Sally's first day of work in Portland. All went well for her. After work we opened an account at a credit union, completing one more step in the process of relocation.

We are really doing fine, and yet I find myself agitated and impatient. I want to start receiving mail again. I want wifi. I want more than two pairs of jeans, and convenient laundry services. While I'm at it, I want the house in Spokane to sell. All in good time.

The kids are coming for Thanksgiving, which we are really looking forward to. We visited Corvallis on Sunday, which was also very nice... Just a shade under two hours from our Zip House in Vancouver. We assume it will be a little less than that once we're in Portland.

So Sal is working, and I'm waiting. Perhaps I can get creative and use the time well. We shall see.

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