Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back Northwest

Sally and I just returned from 9 days in Washington, DC. The timing of the trip was not our decision, as Sally was attending the national gathering of the Soil and Water Conservation Society. I had always heard that DC was pretty hot in the summer. Yep, it was. The heatwave that gripped much of the country last week was in full force in DC. Triple digit temperatures combined with high humidity to produce heat indexes in the range of 115 degrees. Sweltering.

Still we enjoyed ourselves. Though we didn't do some things we might otherwise have attempted, such as bike riding or longer urban hikes, we got around quite a bit, carefully planning our outdoor activities to end before 10am. It was a successful strategy.

We returned to Spokane thankful that dry heat just isn't as debilitating as all that humidity. It was 91 for our jaunt home via buses 60 and 43, but seemed quite pleasant.

For a quick visual review of our trip, I posted some photos on facebook. The album can be accessed by clicking here.

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