Saturday, April 2, 2011

Basketball Savant

A year ago I drove 2100 miles over mountains and prairies, through snow storms, in order to watch my beloved Butler Bulldogs play in the Final Four. As I said countless times before, during and after that trip, "It was an opportunity of a lifetime!" After all, how often would you expect a tiny, liberal arts school to go to the NCAA basketball championship? Then came the 2011 tournament:

Butler 60, Old Dominion University 58
Butler 71, Pittsburgh 70
Butler 61, Wisconsin 54
Butler 74, Florida 71 (OT)
Butler 70, Virginia Commonwealth 62

So it is, friends, that Butler will play Connecticut on Monday evening for the NCAA Basketball Championship. I'm amazed! Astounded! Happy! Proud!

Once more against the odds? GO DAWGS!!!

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